ICANN’s New Transfer Policy: What is New


As of December 1, 2016 ICANN will be replacing the “Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy”  or IRTP with the new Transfer Policy which will now cover the process of changing ownership of a domain from registrant to another.

What this means for the Registrant?

New Verification Process if you are going to be making any changes to a domains Registrant or owner information there will be a new process in place when you change the Registrants email address or name.

When making a request to modify or change the WHOIS information for a domain the New Registrant will receive an email asking the new registrant to do the following

  • approve or decline the Change of Registrant
  • as well confirm that their information is correct

Once this approval has been completed by the new registrant or new email address for the registrant, a similar email will than be sent the the Prior or current registrant ask for their approval of the transfer of ownership or update to the new Registrant.

What if the current registrant email is either invalid or no longer accessible?

If the confirmation email sent to the New or Current registrant does bounce or it is no longer accessible the registrar (root.MEDIA) will be able to resend the confirmation request

  • to the same email address (if the bounce was temporary), or
  • via SMS Message to the phone number supplied for the Registrant

If the phone number is incorrect the registrar (root.MEDIA) will be able to update the registrant phone number with the new and valid mobile phone number.  While only updating the registrant’s phone number is not considered a change of registrant under the new ICANN Transfer Policy and can be updated with our confirmation.  Once the registrar has updated the contact phone number to a valid mobile number the registrar (root.MEDIA) can than send the SMS verification to the new number.

Sixty (60) Day Registrar Lock!

Please note that under the ICANN Policy you will not be able to transfer the domain from root.MEDIA or make changes to the registrant contact information for Sixty (60) Days

If you need any assistance with any of your domain registration, transfers for contact registrant updates feel free to contact root.MEDIA at 1-844-535-8188 or open a ticket in our Portal

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