February Update


It has been a while since I have posted an update here at root.MEDIA but here it is. This update I will outline a couple of things that have changed over the past few months for root.MEDIA so let me begin.

Server Update!

In January of 2018, we updated our web server. This update has brought improved performance across all of our web hosting services.  Most of our clients experienced no interruption during the transition to the new server. We were aware of a couple of issues once all of our clients were migrated to the new server and we quickly resolved all of these issues.

Introducing a new service: Complete Managed Hosting

I am proud to announce that Complete Managed Hosting is a service that I offer that I provide.  The service features a complete solution for all your web hosting needs where I handle the entire aspect of sourcing and implementing a hosting solution that is custom tailored to your specific needs.  This service is ideal for people or business that need to have their website and domain name integrated with 3rd party applications such as Office 365, Customer Relation Management Services and Email Marketing Services.

Video Services

I am excited to announce that I am developing a Video Production/Editing Service.  This professional service will offer full-featured video editing for Web and Social Media. Stay tuned for updates…


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