How to identify a good web hosting provider?


When it comes to web hosting there is not shortage of providers when you do a search. You may think to yourself are not all web hosting providers about the same? That my friend is where you are wrong in a big way. Not all web hosting providers are created equal.

What I look for in a web hosting provider?

When I am looking for a web hosting provider I have a short but crucial list of what they must have.  I am not limited to what my list either as I am a reseller of Web Hosting through my brand So Good Hosting.

Key Features

When Looking for a Web Hosting Provider it is always a good idea to have a list of features you are looking for.


When shopping and comparing Web Hosting providers it is always to know what you are looking for in the service.  look for affordable, but not too cheap hosting. I have found that the cheaper they provider is the worse the performance of the service. I look for if I am going for Shared Hosting around the $7 – $13 dollars a month range.  So Good Hosting offers two different packages in that rage their Personal Hosting Plan and their Business Hosting Plan


What are the server technology? Are they new modern servers? What type of drives does they use? Well when I am looking for hosting, I look for a shared hosting provider that is always updated server with lots of RAM and SSD based disk drivers. Both the amount of ram and the type of disk drives will impact performance as well the number of available CPU’s.

Easy of use!

When looking for a Hosting Provider do they offer a control panel of any kind? I know and have tried different control panels and I have found that some are not at all user friendly. I tend to lean towards the cPanel control panel as the interface is intuitive and easy  to navigate.

Uptime and Connectivity

When it comes hosting providers you want to make sure they have excellent uptime with their servers.  There is nothing worse then having your website offline because the provider you choose doesn’t have reliable servers that are always crashing.  The use of redundant power and connections to the internet are crucial in the event that something does go wrong you site is not taken offline.

Instant Setup

Yes when it comes to provisioning your services if they can’t do it when you first sign up. There is nothing worse then having to wait to contact them to get things going. Instant setup is crucial to keeping your project on track.

Easy Install Scripts

Most websites these day use site software, such as WordPress, Joomla or many other.  Having access to install these pieces of software easily with a few clicks. Will save you countless hours of manually setting them up.

Things to avoid with Web Hosting Providers

When it comes to getting people to sign up for services many hosting companies will try about anything to get to sign up! Introductory pricing where they offer huge discounts for new accounts but they do not inform you of monthly cost.  The other thing to avoid is free domains as it is often cheaper to purchase a domain name through your preferred registrar.

So when looking for a hosting providers it is best to do your research and compare several of them to find the one that bests suites you needs.

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