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February Update


It has been a while since I have posted an update here at root.MEDIA but here it is. This update I will outline a couple of things that have changed over the past few months for root.MEDIA so let me begin. Server Update! In January of 2018, we updated our web server. This…(Read More)

Coming in the near future root.MEDIA will be launching a new brand for our Web Hosting services, this new branding will reflect the simplicity of  our already amazing Web Hosting. The new branding for our Web Hosting will see a simpler selection of offerings for both Personal and Business class web hosting service. The…(Read More)

The move to our new service provider has been done for more than a month now and we are gearing up and updating our main website to incorporate exactly what we do and what we offer here at root.MEDIA as you may have notice if you are one of our many clients we have…(Read More)

The Move Continues


root.MEDIA is in the process of moving our services from one provider to a new and much better provider that will drastically improve the performance of your web site. Some of the new Features! Our Server will be SSD 20 times faster then standard Hard Disks More Choice with Single Click installation of 100…(Read More)