The Move Continues


root.MEDIA is in the process of moving our services from one provider to a new and much better provider that will drastically improve the performance of your web site.

Some of the new Features!

  • Our Server will be SSD 20 times faster then standard Hard Disks
  • More Choice with Single Click installation of 100’s of Web Applications

When will everything be moved?

Well we are in the process of setting up the new server and are planning to start migrating our current clients from our old Server to the new Server starting September 21, 2016. We will email each client with the full details of the migration and set a time for the migration to take place.

Will there be a change in the prices?

At this time we are not planning on changing our current Web Hosting packages or our pricing.

Will there be downtime?

Yes! We will do our best to limit the amount of downtime that will occur during the transfer of Web Hosting Services to our new server. Downtime may vary based on domain registration as we will need to update the Name Servers for the particular domain (1 — 8 Hours) some sites may talk long for SSL Certificate reissuing.

Will I loose my saved emails?

NO! We will do our best to transfer all your saved emails to the new server. Your email password and server setting will change but rest assured that your emails will be saved.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the please feel free to contact root.MEDIA at 1-844-535-8188

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